Sleeping in Storms

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It was dark, cold and fierce. Thundering waves hammered the boat from every side threatening to take it apart piece by piece. Fear and uncertainty surrounded the situation and infiltrated the hearts of all those aboard the ship, except for one. While everyone else hurried with futile attempts to save their own lives one man simply slept on a cushion at the back of the boat. This did not go unnoticed by the young disciples committed to following this man.

What does it take to be able to sleep in storms?

This story provides a few powerful principles to examine and hold on to. Firstly,

Storms still come even when Jesus is in the boat

For a period in my walk with Father God I unknowingly had created a belief that if I just did everything right - professed the right scriptures, prayed enough, appeared to have enough faith - things would go smoothly in my life. When a few particularly painful storms hit even in the midst of what I was convinced was a decent performance in these areas, I had to reassess the “if/then” gospel I was creating. The problem was I was unaware of the fears lurking within me which caused me to formulate idealistic, religious systems in place of relational, trusting faith.

The disciples reveal a true source of fear in their question to Jesus,

“Teacher, don’t you care that we’re going to drown?” (Mrk.4:35 NLT)

Storms test and reveal what we really believe or struggle to believe.

In this passage we see that the disciples are not yet convinced of Jesus’ love and concern for them. They are not sure He really will act for their good in this situation. Their insecurity in His love and value of them led them to quickly conclude He didn’t care.

Jesus arises and brings the storm to a calm and then address’ His terrified companions,

“Why are you so afraid? Haven’t you learned to trust yet?” (Mrk 4:40 TPT)

At this point I don’t believe Jesus was speaking solely of trusting His ability to calm the storms Most of us, at least in part, believe He can; we’re just not sure He will…

To know someone will do something is to believe in them and that belief comes from a trust built upon a sense that they love and value us. Jesus is addressing their true fear packaged in their piercing qualifier, “don’t you care?”. When storms hit it is helpful to realize that this is one of the real questions in our hearts for which we need an answer.

When we find ourselves struggling to trust God it is ultimately a struggle to believe in our worth and value to Him.

Thankfully, Father God knows this and desires to speak to this place in our hearts. The bible teaches that the entity which drives out fear is perfect love (1 John 4:18).

I have learned that when trouble hits and my faith is shaking what I really need to connect to first is God’s love for me. Then the revelation of His care becomes a connection point to His power and ability.

His love creates the landing place in my heart for trust in Him.

Trust not only in what He can do but what He will do because He loves me. This security in God’s love is what it takes to sleep in storms. Jesus modeled this rest and confidence in His Father that day in the boat. Father God is patient and consistent in drawing us deeper into His love to know Him in this way.

Wherever you’re at today, ask Him for a revelation of His love for you. I pray you experience His presence in the deepest way today.