"God Hears" Tuesday Psalm 17:6


“I am praying to You because I know

You will answer

Oh God bend down

and listen as I pray”

Psalm 17:6 NLT

Have you ever felt like God just isn’t listening? I mean you try to pray but you really are not sure if the connection is good…Although there can be a number of reasons for this there is a hope and truth contained in this verse which can nourish our hearts when it seems like Heaven may be silent.

The writer is the Psalmist David and in this Psalm he is turning to God crying out for His attention. But there is a marked absence of something in his plea worth noting - doubt. Along with his cry to God a declaration is made, “I know You will answer”. There is evidence surrounding this verse which indicates David was in some sort of distress but in the midst of it he trusted God to hear him.

In the verses following, David reveals an intimate knowledge of God and the reason why he trusted Him. Probably most telling is Davids request that God keep him as “the apple of [His] eye” (v 8). Though scholars disagree on the use of the word “apple” they all conclude that this phrase captures the revelation of a unique preciousness to God. David is completely convinced he is precious to God and highly valued by Him. It is from this assurance David makes his plea.

Somewhere along the way in Davids relationship with God he discovered Him as a Father and God poured into Davids heart great assurance of the love and value He had for him.

David was rooted in God’s love.

The many writers of the New Testament expound on this experiential knowledge of God’s love for us as being essential to faith. The appeal is made in several places that we would be “rooted and grounded” in God’s love (Eph.3:17).

God’s love for us is the context in which all of His promises exist.

Increased confidence in His love for us can cause us to overcome any feelings and beliefs of distance from Him we may experience in prayer. Our hearts can be formed around His constant confession of love for us in His word culminating in the precious gift of Jesus. He crafted the cross and salvation in order to clear the way for us to come back to Him.

I pray a deep sense of His love and worth of you will enter your heart today and give you the confidence to stand up to any lies that He may be ignoring you etc. Ask Father God to give you a revelation of how much He loves you even if that is the only prayer you can make today. A revelation of His love will anchor you and bring your prayers in line with His heart and purpose for you.