The Art of Waiting

“…inherit the promises through faith and patience…” Hebrews 6:12

It’s hard to wait for something sometimes isn’t it? In our instantaneous culture, we’ve become accustomed to faster and faster service with shorter and shorter wait times for most things. Waiting is not something we naturally do well and learning the practice of delayed gratification can be painful. But, waiting, and not just waiting but waiting well, is a principle in God’s kingdom.

What does it mean to wait – well, for the things God has promised? The opening verse encourages us to combine two essential elements when in a season of waiting – faith and patience.

There’s an active element to waiting which involves believing in the ability and heart of the One who has promised.  This faith, combined with patience, provides the ability to endure a season of waiting and avoid jumping ahead of the fullness of what God intends to create for us. Many things come at us during waiting though, which can cause us to miss God’s timing.

Lack of trust – God is not afraid of our questions and He seeks to draw us during seasons of waiting into deeper relationship with Him and revelation of His heart for us. The wait is a time to develop trust within us and reveal who He really is.

We don’t know our worth to God  – many places in scripture serve to speak to us about our great worth and value to God(Matt.6:25-27) which helps us to believe that Father God see’s us and really does care for us.

The DIY spirit – Although the do-it-yourself attitude is great for many things such as home improvements or decorating, it doesn’t work so well in the Kingdom of God which is built upon dependence on the Father for all things as the strength of our lives. Many times we approach the promises of God the same way we approach home improvement projects; just give me a few tools, YouTube, and a few hours and I’ll take care of it.

     |    Problem is the promises of God require His presence to fulfill them.

What enables patient, faith-filled waiting?


Like a Thoroughbred running a race with blinders on their eyes to keep out every distraction, we have to fix our eyes on the Father and block out the lies of the enemy which would tempt us to look elsewhere.

  • Instead of focusing on our weakness fixate on His strength.
  • Instead of focusing on our limited resource rest on His
  • Instead of focusing on our failure rely on His perfection

David was a man in the bible who knew how to wait on God for victory in battle and for the dreams God had dropped in his heart. His trust in God allowed him to delight in the Father and as a result receive the desires of his heart (Ps.37:4)

Something I am learning is that pursuing God’s best in every area of life requires a faith-filled resolve to wait for it. But the waiting is so very fruitful as Father God works on us from the inside out in order to prepare us to be able to handle blessing. He is the designer of destinies bigger than our imagination can dream up!

By silencing the nagging requests of anxiety and fear and rejecting the lies of our enemy about who our Father is and who we are, we become free to trust deeply in the goodness and faithfulness of Father God.

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination!"

Eph.3:20 The Passion

Lean on Him and know He will not fail!