For Beauty's Sake


I’m caught in wonder as my eyes scan magnificent scenes of lush green fields aptly decorated by an array of colors provided by wildflowers and birds - its summer.  Different flowers demand my attention at different times and I can’t help but think, “It all seems a bit excessive doesn’t it?”

Nature, which is the canvas of our Creator, is excessive.

God could have kept things simple. He could have made one type of tree, a few animals and maybe a body of water or two but He certainly went way beyond that to what is even unnecessary. With no limitation to His creativity and no boundaries drawn to tell Him what He could or couldn’t do, He created with freedom.

To create itself is freedom.

And so here we are; mankind made in His image and honored as His most valuable creation (Matt.6:26-34). In our case He certainly did not relent in passion as He created our bodies with such intricacies the most advanced science is just beginning to discover them.  Confronted with such excessive beauty in the world I ask one question,

“Why did He create the way He did?”

Though no direct answer comes to me, and there is much evidence for different reasons, one notion inches forth ahead of its companions in my soul.

Maybe, at least in part, He created such beauty simply for the sake of beauty.

Examining the earth and our very own selves gives sufficient evidence to support the idea that His creative venture was not purely for functionality.  If so, much less would have sufficed. The bible tells us that you and I were a thought of His before even the earth was formed. Some desire in His heart caused Him to want to make us when He certainly didn’t have to.

Ephesians 2:10 tells us that “we are God’s masterpiece” (ESV)

a “work of art” (AMP)

He delights in what He has made just like an artist who completes their finest work will hold it in their hearts forever. He revealed the worth and value He had for us when from love He sent His Son to die and raised Him up again. It was for the beauty of a pure relationship with Him He was willing to go to such lengths to create a way back to Him.

"Where a purpose for making something may change and usefulness wanes, beauty endures forever.

Something considered a thing of beauty will retain its value evidenced by the works of man created and preserved through the ages. God did create mankind with purposes in mind, but His greatest pursuit was companionship with us forever and that truth is absolutely captivating.

Let us stop to wonder at the world He has made for us if only to remind us of the way He views us – precious and a work of art.  May our limited thinking be removed as we view Him and what He makes with hearts that increasingly love what He love’s even if its beauty just for beauty’s sake.