The Free Fall

Transitions can be hard can’t they?

Going from something very familiar to territory you haven’t yet experienced can certainly bring an uneasy feeling and leave us in an uncomfortable place. We tend to love stability and the solace of knowing what we are doing today and likely to do tomorrow and at the very least, a glimpse of what the near future holds. For many of us structure equals safety, yet we have a loving heavenly Father whose idea of structure and safety tends to differ drastically from ours. When we decide to follow after Him and pursue His best in our lives, we can find ourselves in seasons which feels more like a free fall than a steady walk of faith. Is the Father’s intent cruel during these seasons? Is He distant and uninvolved? A study of the Father’s interactions with His children throughout the span of the bible reveals much the opposite. His heart always was and still is to have fully functioning, free children who choose to love Him and love what He loves. So then, what are these unsteady, transitional phases in our walk with Him all about? Although each person will experience a specific set of lessons tailored to their own individual relationship with God, there are a few generalities at work in these seasons, which the majority of us can benefit from.




Picture a bungee jumper about to fall blindly backwards off a bridge with his life entrusted to a long nylon-cased rubber band and the competency of the one who engineered it.  The jumper can leave his current place of safety atop the sturdy bridge deck, and release his body to the force of gravity all because he trusts he will be caught moments from impact and will live to do it again. When God invites His people to follow Him into an uncertain step along the destiny He has designed for them, He does not do so without first providing a string of promises He intends to fulfill for them. Here are just a few of them:


He promises He’ll be there always -  Heb.13:5

He promises He has a plan and it’s good - Jer.29:11

He promises to provide what’s needed - 2 Cor. 9:8, Phil.4:19


Just as the bungee jumper securely wraps the life preserving cord around his ankle before he leaps, we must wrap the promises of God around our hearts and trust in His integrity to fulfill them as we leap into all He’s calling us to. Unlike the bungee cord though, God the Father does not simply let us fall only to snatch us from a moment of destruction.  He is with us throughout every mile of the journey.


God brings all of who He is, and all His resource into every adventure He invites us into.


He calls us into seasons such as this to show us His faithfulness and heart towards us. As we experience these enduring qualities in Him, trust is built in us and we are able to believe Him for more!

And this is a second by-product of a season of transition in our lives - the recognition of all God has really made available to us and the extent of His goodness to care for us. We can come to realize we actually are most safe when we are letting ourselves be completely in His hands. Oddly enough, our independence from Him is what can cause a lot of anxiety in our lives as we struggle to rely on only what we can muster up for ourselves. But when we can let our lives be led by the One who created every good thing we see, the One with infinite wisdom and unshakable ability, we will experience His best flowing through every avenue of our lives.


The possibilities of how much we can do or how far we can go become limitless in Him for He is unlimited.


When we leave behind the ledge of our limitedness we are free to enter the realm of His illimitable purpose. Then, the opportunity to discover how faithful He is, how real He is and the

greatness He had in mind for us when He made us, presents itself.


Although your life may feel like it’s in a free fall at the moment, know the hands of the One who will not fail are steadily holding and gently guiding you through. He sees the future and is working your life towards the good purpose He has in mind for you. You can trust Him in this, He will not let you go for He will never let go. Respond to Him in faith and place yourself in His trustworthy hands. Say “yes” to whatever He’s asking knowing He’ll do whatever He’s promising. Secured upon His word, jump! He’s got you and He will not let go!