Love: The Origin of Life

I find it ironic writing for In The Garden today while sitting in a picturesque public garden on a bench beneath a very large tree, casting just the right amount of shade on me to perfectly temper the hot sun. Scanning the landscape of many flowers in bloom, perfectly manicured lawns and water features my mind slips back into imagining what it must have been like in the beginning when God first created the earth and mankind. A question interrupted this inviting moment of bliss,

“Why? Why did God make man?”

Recoiling at the potential magnitude of that question I steadied myself and found a determination to examine it a bit further enlisting the help of Holy Spirit.

The creation account of man, found in Genesis 2:5-8 lands us right in the center of the action as God creates Adam and Eve and then makes for them a beautiful garden called Eden to live and dwell in (vs.15). Interestingly there was no vegetation or plants as of yet on the earth previous to man.

It was only after God created man He found a reason to create a beautiful garden…

A reason the bible gives for the lack of greenery is found in verse 5, “God had not yet caused rain on the land and there was no man to work the ground.” But was God’s only intent in crafting man to have someone to care for what He made so He wouldn’t have to? Although we certainly were given responsibility to care for the earth if that was God’s sole purpose in creating man then the great lengths to which He went throughout human history to pursue relationship with mankind culminating in the death of His son, Jesus Christ, on the cross of Calvary, just doesn’t make sense.

There exists a belief called Deism which basically asserts that God created the earth and everything in it but then left it to govern itself according to natural laws. In this view,

God is a distant, uninvolved being and essentially an absentee Father

Although you may not fully subscribe to this belief, traces of it can be found in the world view of many people. Think about it.

How involved do you think God is in your life?

How involved is He in the lives of others and the world around you?

 The Deistic point of view brings into question how much value God really has for His creation.  


It’s something we’re driven by more than we realize. We will spend more time somewhere we value. We will involve ourselves more with someone we value. We will pay more for something we deem more valuable. 

Value massively effects our involvement and so too with God. Because He valued mankind, He created the beautiful abode Eden for them. Because of His love and value of mankind He quickly covered Adam and Eve after they sinned with garments of covenant and set in motion His plan for recovering relationship with the world through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ (John 3:16). And because of His great value of His creation He showed much desire to be with them. We find Him strolling through the garden, a sound Adam and Eve were familiar with, looking for them in Gen. 3:8-9.

God created man to be with man.


“the Lord

delights in

His people…”


God’s relational nature appears throughout the bible revealed by His continuous desire to be close to the ones He created. Sometimes we believe our value to God correlates to how much we think we can do for Him.  He does design us with purpose and good works to accomplish on earth (Eph.2:10) just like He did Adam and Eve. But working for Him was not His greatest reason for having us around.

 God’s inspiration for creating man was not to have man work for Him but to be with them.

God repeated His desire to be with His creation all through the course of human history relayed in the bible, “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God and they will be my people.” 2 Cor.6:16, Ex. 29:45, Ez. 37:27, Lev.26:12.

The realization that God the Father wants to be with me produces a response in me to want to be with Him. And so, with a fairly substantial “to do list” and reminders buzzing on my phone I’m so glad to have stopped here today, in this garden, to re-capture the intent of the first garden ever made. To just be with the Father focus on Him and let His presence fill everything I do.

Whatever you are doing right now, know this. God never leaves or abandons us (Heb.13:5). You do not need to be in an exotic garden to meet with Him. God comes and dwells where we are just like He came walking in the garden looking for Adam where he was. God is in it all - groceries, work, school, mealtimes, etc., if we just become aware of Him. He’s in it all because He wants to be with us. The inspiration for creating you and I came from a desire to have a relationship with us. In essence, Love was what inspired the origin of life. Let your heart respond to God today the One who loves you and desires to be with you. As you do, I pray you’ll find Him closer than ever.