God Trusts You

Anticipation fills the air as Jesus calls a meeting for His twelve disciples.  They’ve seen quite a bit by now! Jesus has no doubt impressed them and challenged their intellect with wisdom from another kingdom. They’ve watched heaven’s armies collide with the powers of the earth through this man’s life more than a few times resulting in many healings and deliverances.

What could He be planning to do next?

This, however, would be a meeting unlike any they had attended yet. A turning point in Christ’s ministry on earth is about to take place. Up until now the disciples have been observing and watching Jesus do all the work. Now, Jesus decides they are ready and capable for an assignment of their own. 

“One day Jesus called together His twelve disciples and gave them power and authority to cast out all demons and to heal all diseases. Then He sent them out to tell everyone about the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” Luke 9:1-2 (NLT)

It actually hasn’t been that long since these disciples even met Jesus yet He is confident it is time for them to fly. He sends them out loaded with His power and authority to represent and bring the kingdom of Heaven to a lost and dying world. Isn’t He concerned these guys would mess it up? I mean, they weren’t exactly the most mild-mannered, well-tempered bunch! But this does not appear to be a barrier to Jesus’ commissioning them and sending them out. Though I don’t think this passage advocates the pre-mature release of leaders or devaluing of strong leadership training programs to prepare for ministry, (certainly the Lord takes us all through extensive character training and Jesus emulated a progressive teaching model with His disciples demonstrating to them the heart and perspectives they should have to be effective ministers of His kingdom) I think it does, however, contain a perspective about how Heaven looks at us that is vital to our freedom to serve.

 Jesus is not just giving them an assignment; He is actually demonstrating trust in them (He is not even planning to physically go with them on this mission!)

Let me put it this way: Anytime you give someone permission to do something for you, you are demonstrating at least some level of trust in them to get the job done. Take a contractor for example. If you are going to hire a contractor to do some work on your house you will probably do some background checks looking for references to find out the quality of their work. But even with all the background checks you could do, you still do not know them and so at some point you must decide, “Okay, I’m going to trust you to do this work for me!”

Jesus, in contrast, was not basing His decision to send these guys out on their stellar performances (in fact He’d seen quite the opposite) but yet He chooses to use them without even giving them explicit instructions on how they were to carry out the mission. He simply gives them His power and authority and sends them out.

Jesus lays out a similar opportunity today. Contained within the great commission is the notion that a Holy Spirit power-filled life, living through His authority is available to everyone who believes (Mark 16:15-18). We may feel inadequate for the mission God calls us to, and in fact we are. Yet the thing to remember is,

God has not called us to do the work for Him, He’s called us to do it with Him!

He has promised to be with us and provide us with His power to overcome everything that we encounter along the way. Recognizing that God actually entrusts us with the mission can be hard to receive or feel very prideful in a way. But as we say yes to what we feel God prompting us to do we will find ourselves in the centre of this divine process as co-workers with the Living God. He invites us, just like He invited His disciples, to be His representatives on the earth and He’s still not too worried about us messing it all up! Quite frankly, we simply are not “big enough” too! He accounted for our potential failures when He called us and released something called grace to help smooth them out!  So let us comply with His process and confidently accept His offer to work with Him to impact the world around us. Let’s lean on His grace, yield to His power, and move forward with His heart to bring His Kingdom to the earth. 

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