Come and Adore

It has been a crisp and cold couple weeks! Walking one night I looked up as high as my carefully constructed layers of clothing would let me, exhaled into the bitter cold air,  and saw something amazing. It was a clear sky of incalculable stars which is something quite common on bitter cold nights. On these kinds of nights, it’s as if the great distance between yourself and space has been reduced and the impressive constellations all demand your attention simultaneously. In this silence and beauty my mind wandered to the journey of a group of men one night on a mission to find Someone whose arrival they had been waiting for some time to see.

                A special kind of star beckoned this group of Magi on their way to finding what their hearts had been searching for. Not a lot is known for certain about this group but one thing is true; they were individuals whose hearts had been incited to find Jesus the Messiah. Although the temperatures in the region where this story took place certainly do not pitch as low as they do here in Canada, the Magi still had quite a journey to make it to Bethlehem to see Jesus.

But, their goal was not just to see Him.

In our world we love attractions. A great deal of wealth can be made if you happen to have something unique or beautiful enough to attract people too. As amazing as the birth of the Messiah was though, the Magi’s goal was not just to look at Him and take a few pictures to prove they were there!

They were going to go see Him in order to do something – worship.

And that’s not all as we can see in Matthew 2:11, they were not there just to sing a few songs and leave. They had brought gifts to give Jesus; very expensive gifts! A popular song is sung around this time of year in which the chorus sings, “Oh come let us adore Him…” Adore means to highly love, honour, respect or worship.

David displayed a heart of worship to the Lord when He refused Araunah’s generous offer to charge David no fee for the land which he wanted to purchase in order to build an altar for the Lord. In response David exclaimed,

“I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing” (2 Sam.24:24)

In the business of the Christmas season, Christ can be missed. What I mean is we hurry around like Martha trying to get every detail just right for the celebrations but forget to, like Mary, “sit at His feet” and worship Him. Many of us will receive Christmas cards or ornaments for our trees which will state, “Jesus is the reason for the season!” Jesus was the reason for this group of Magi to journey so far just to worship Him. Today, there is no “journey” at all to “see” Jesus with the ability to, through salvation, have His indwelling presence in our hearts. With the privilege of such access to Him I must ask myself, “Is He really the reason for my season of Christmas?”  

When we restore Jesus as the reason for Christmas, our hearts find many reasons to worship Him.

Jesus the Son of God, Lord of all, creator of the universe - came. Born into a humble dwelling, He grew up to face a humiliating death on the cross so that He could save as many of us as would receive Him. In view of love so compelling, let us truly come and adore Him with all we have this Christmas.

Merry Christmas