In The Garden



Devotional time, if you're like me, usually get's scheduled into my day somewhere in between several tasks and lists of stuff to do. On one of my scheduled time outs, however, I discovered something while reading Genesis 3. Most of my previous experience reading this portion of scripture focused on mankind's horrible fall from our original position, after choosing to take the word of the serpent over the Father's (Gen.3:1-8). But here, today, it was different. In Gen.3:8,9 we see God the Father going for a walk and looking for Adam and Eve to join him. The text implies this was a regular possibly daily occurrence.

God....walked with Adam...

My mind quickly began to imagine what that must have been like.

What did they talk about? What mysteries did the Father share on these excursions? What peace, what joy, what love must have surrounded Adam as he connected with The Source of all these good things!

After Genesis 3 we can see in the bible things were different, this relationship affected by sin. But here, before the shift, we can see something very valuable to our souls. God's desire to be with the people he created. To have them close to Himself, to walk with them. Thankfully the story didn't end there! God goes to work immediately setting in motion his plan to offer salvation to all who will receive it,  in order to restore us unto Himself through the finished work His Son Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross of Calvary.  We can know that when we come to the end of our lives on this earth, having put our faith and trust in Christ Jesus, we will have a home in heaven and be fully restored into His presence once again.

So salvation becomes our start, and heaven is our end, but here we are in the middle; living, working, walking etc.

It is in "the middle" though, that we can find God to be as actively involved with us now as He is in the beginning or will be in the end. If I answer the call to "Draw close to Him..."(James 4:8) and let everything He is permeate the rest of my day, my devotional wouldn't be just another task to fit in. What if I let that time resemble more of  a "walk" with Him, chatting, catching up, finding out what He's up to, and discussing what I'm up to :) On a walk like that, genuineness would surely emerge from me and my heart could soften to become a tablet upon which He could write His mysteries. 

As everything get's darker around us it's good to know those daily walks in the garden with the Father are as available to us now as they were to Adam. It is on these walks, as He unveils the depths of His kingdom, we will be filled with all He has to give and restored to our rightful place - with Him.