Light It Up

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on His shoulders. And He will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. His government and its peace will never end.” Is.9:67


Reflecting on the past election results in Canada, I was hit with a passion to re-focus myself on the “bigger picture”. I’ve read and heard many negative discussions and various comments posted on all of the current social media outlets I’m connected to.

(This post is not about the election so hopefully you are still reading!)

The “big picture” for us has to do with mission. As believers our mission remains relatively the same regardless of what’s changed in government.

We live in a country that needs hope.

We live in a country that needs truth.

We live in a country that needs wisdom to know how to handle its wealth and relations to the rest of the world.

We live in a country that needs healing, righteousness, restoration of families, deliverance from addictions and abuse, preservation and value of life and the list goes on!

 Where can we find answers to these needs?

At the risk of sounding understated I will go ahead and make this statement – what our nation needs is in reality beyond what any government or Prime Minister candidate can provide on their own.  What our nation needs most is hope and hope is found in one person – Jesus Christ.

Certainly a wise choice in government is needed and do not miss understand me I believe we need to vote well informed and conscientiously. But there is still only One kingdom one “government” that is able to bring about ALL the changes our country and the countries of the world needs. It is the kingdom of Christ.

In Matt.5:14 Jesus reveals His plan for continuing on His mission in the world.

“You are the light of the world…”

He intended His mission of lighting up the world with all the righteousness, forgiveness, peace and joy that comes from His kingdom, to be carried out now by those who follow Him in the world.  He was confident that this task was doable.

Darkness does not have to decrease in order for Light to shine.

Light does not ask Darkness for permission to shine.

In fact, Light comes and Darkness has no option but to flee.


It is our mission as believers and people filled with the kingdom of Christ to dispel the darkness by releasing what we carry from heaven. We are light dispensers dispatched from the greater kingdom of God which is a kingdom of love, power and peace that “will not end.”


I am a Canadian citizen and I love my country. Who knows what twists lie ahead in the plot of Canada’s political landscape?  Despite what they may be, I know this: God is alive and His mission has not changed. His mission remains to seek and to save those which are lost by healing and reconciling the world to Himself.  The question is will we, as His people, join Him?

 Going in to the Christmas season this year, I have a different outlook on the verse from which this blog post was inspired (Is.9:67). There is a promise within it that we can lay hold of today “His government and its peace will never end.” There is also a prayer we can release over our nation in these times ahead a prayer that our “government will rest on His shoulders.”

 Just as Jesus came into the world to offer salvation and a star revealed His whereabouts to men searching for answers, we must be “stars” now guiding the world to Him.

 In the simplest of forms we have but one mission on earth. It is one we have been equipped to carry out. As we move forward with the love, truth, righteousness and power of Christ pulsating out from our remade lives we are to overcome the darkness around us  and fulfill our greatest calling

 To take this world and light it up


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